Is peeing 6 times in 9 hours normal?

I'm 19, 74kg, 177cm (5'10") and I drink 4 litres of water a day because I love water, I hate feeling thirsty and I'm tired if I drink less.

I was over at a friend's flat Friday from 7pm until 4am the next day just hanging out. I was there with him plus two other friends. The whole time we were there (9hours) I went to the bathroom 6 times. He only went once, so did his friend. My friend didn't go at all. After the 2nd time I went I started to feel super self conscious about going to pee because nobody else was (we were in his room the whole time so it was obvious). I was holding it in as long as possible but when you gotta go you gotta go and the fact I was drinking water the whole time I was there meant I was peeing a lot whenever I went, it wasn't that my bladder is small.

The 5th time I went my friend made a joke about me having a small bladder. The 6th time she sighed really loudly and went "again?!" I was kinda annoyed she said it especially considering she gets UTI's ALL the time and I'm the one who's back and forth to the toilets with her even when I don't have to go.

It just made me really self conscious and I know it was only a joke but I felt like a freak or something because the others barely went.

Is that a normal amount? Or was I going too much? Or were they going too little?

Might be a stupid question but I was so self conscious about it that I was holding in pee until it hurt almost.

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