Clear Blood clot?

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Ok so I've been on my period for the past 5 days (im VERY irregular) since missing two (January & February). They are usually heavy flows. This one was light which seemed different. Especially after missing two. Well anyway, last night i had to go pee really bad (my period was already finishing). So I went and pushed my pee out. &When i did it felt like a blood clot had passed. I thought oh its just one of those blood clots i usually pass. But when i was finished i looked in the toilet & it seemed as if it was a clear blood clot. It looked kind of like gelatin. Of course with red smears from the blood. But light to where i could tell it was a clot. I've never experienced this before. I know its not a early miscarriage because all my hpt were negative. Im thinking maybe it was the lining of my uterus? Or could it be possible to have been from what was left over from my pregnacy back in 2013? (I was 24 weeks when i gave birth to my angel baby who passed away after 10 minutes). Anyone experienced this? Just thought to share my experience.