Teeth whitening.

Emily • I`m one weird, down-to-earth chic. I love rock music and I have one beautiful child, (my cat). LLAMAS ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL.
I have been trying for over 5 years to get that movie-star-white smile. I recently gotten into essential oils from a local "down to earth" health store. My Aunt told me yesterday, little did I know, that you can put a small drop of Orange essential oil on your toothpaste, and it helps whiten your teeth. It makes your gums and tongue tingle a little but it works tremendously. I have only used it four times and my teeth are already getting whiter. Oh and I forgot to mention, that cringe worthy taste of brushing your teeth, then drinking orange juice, is completely gone. If you ask me, the minty toothpaste taste is more prominent than the Orange.