Husband not excited

Katy • Married to my best friend! Trying for Baby 2!
First of all I would like to start by saying my husband is an amazing man. He is kind, he truly loves me, he is a hard worker and I am a truly lucky woman. With that being said he's stressing me out to the max. He works a warehouse job and we struggle but make it financially. I am a waitress. His personality and mine are quite different. He never really gets excited about anything. Including my pregnancy. I thought we are both on the same page when we started trying for a baby. But now he's saying that he doesn't really want to be a father at this point because we are not financially stable. He said he is very stressed. When I got anultrasound done at 12 weeks (he couldn't come because of work) and showed him the pictures he just said cool. It is really bringing me down that he is not excited and I feel like I'm in this all alone. I've expressed my feelings to him and he says it's just because he stressed about money but he wishes we would've waited. Is anyone else going through this.? I don't know what else to do but it's really making me sad.