Not sure if I should test

OK so first thing hello ladies! I'm new to glow and excited to have found this app. Me and my brother have been ttc since January 2015 so far no baby magic. However this month immediately after my period which started 3-2-15 my breast were extremely sore every day even a little today. Sometimes my lower back kills me and I have been napping at the same time every day. When I have sex it's creamy white (TMI) and today I'm feeling a little crampy! And feel that pressure like I have to pee. 😟 I'm five days away from Mother Nature ringing my doorbell and have one of those clear blue digital tests that tell you early. I'm afraid to take it for fear we'll be let down. It's frustrating to me because I already have 2 kids and it was so easy those times. For you think this could be it? Should I test or should I wait????? I'm anxious