Dear sweet boy


Dear sweet boy,

Lastnight during fireworks while watching you snuggled up with daddy, i realized something i somehow had forgotten. Yesterday marked 37 weeks in my pregnancy with your little sister and i realized something important and mommy needs you to know im sorry. While we are all anxiously awaiting sissys arrival, i realized lastnight that in a matter of days or weeks, you will no longer be my only baby. I have been so focused on how uncomfortable and anxious i am for her to come, and it made me forget how precious these last few weeks will be. Lastnight was the last holiday we will celebrate as a family of three. Soon our lives will be filled with lots of joy but it will also be filled with lots of feedings, diaper changes, sleepless nights, and so much more. The focus will no longer be on just you and i worry. I never want you to question how much mommy and daddy love you. You will ALWAYS be my little boy and my baby. Mommy promises to do better with these next few weeks to get in as much "mommy and you" time in as possible. While im very anxious for your sissy, part of me isnt ready for you to no longer be my only baby. Little man you bring so much joy to my life!! And i know you will be an amazing big brother!! I know i dont say it as often as i should but im so proud of the little man youre becoming! And i promise to cherish every minute i can!! So feel free to sneak into bed and snuggle up with me at night like i know you love to do. Feel free to give me your sneak attack hugs every chance you can and show me your silly tricks and ninja moves. Mommy promises to make sure you never feel forgotten once sissy is here. Mommy and daddy love you more than you can imagine baby boy. Forever and always!! And while none of us know if sissy will be here in a matter of days, or in a few weeks, i promise to do better to make this time count and to make sure this transition is as easy as possible for you and for us all. Love you always!!!


Your mommy <3