Live In Nanny


I'm considering & have been applying as a live in nanny because I'm unable to work a traditional job. I can't attend school because I don't feel comfortable taking out $15k in loans, let alone the fact that I dont think I can get that much because my credit is terrible. & my parent's separation is not recognized in my state. My father makes too much for me to get aid & he also refuses to pay for my schooling. I currently can not drive because my mother didn't teach me, I don't have friends to teach me because they're busy with family, working & school. & I don't have the funds to get lessons. I do believe that my purpose in life is to be a mother & a wife .

I was wondering if there was anyone who has/had or is a live in nanny. I would like to hear from your experiences. & I guess if there's anyone who's willing to give advice on my situation then please do. I have tried online at home jobs & most require things that I don't have. This post probably makes no sense but I've explained it so many times to so many different people that I'm just exhausted & yes I've thought of every way to do something with myself