She's here!

Leslie • Married and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 05 July 2017. ❤️ TTC#2
Came in to L&D with contractions really close but was only dilated to a 2. Sent me home where the contractions got worse and I couldn't breathe through them. Was the worse pain I had ever felt. They checked me again, I dilated to a 4. Shortly after they released me to go, my water broke. They took me in. I had to deal with the pain for another 30 minutes until I got my epidural. Within maybe an hour or two they came in to check my cervix. Surprisingly I was dilated to a 10 and was ready to push. I pushed for at least 29 minutes and there she was. I got to feel her head as she came out. It was a fast delivery. Being in labor for just three short hours. She's our world though.