I need y'all to know this

I'm sure it's common knowledge really but I just wanted to share this in case a few don't know. 
 I mean I just saw a video of a racoon that walked up to this guy and wouldn't go away, he was in his garage and it was like it had a death wish because he couldn't scare it away. The dog was messing with it, it wasn't phased at all. He was throwing shit at it, it didn't care. 
95% positive this racoon was rabid. And he put himself and his dog in danger by not removing himself and his dog.  I mean, some people shoot rabid animals. They die anyways, and if they run off they just go and spread the rabies around to other animals. Honestly, I would just leave. I don't like killing things so someone else would have to do it or it's gonna get away. 
If you ever get bitten by an animal you think is rabid, you need to be vaccinated. 
If you aren't vaccinated after being bitten by a rabid animal, you have days left to live. There's one known unvaccinated rabies survivor, she's a medical miracle and other doctors have tried to do the things that her doctor did in order to save her and it failed, they died. 
So she's just a lucky duck. So again, 
If a wild animal is coming at you odd like that..get away. Go far far away. If you get bit, go get vaccinated like the same or next day so you don't die. It says the vaccine can work from the time you get bit until 6 days later. 
Raccoons and bats are apparently what are most likely to have rabies. 
Edit: I'll have to find the video and post the link but the raccoon in the video was not aggressive. It walked into his garage like "hey" and wouldn't leave. He threw stuff at it, his dog was barking at it, he kicked it and screamed at it and it didn't care at all. Rabies works by attacking the brain and basically gaining control leaving the animal in a "zombie" like state.