Earliest pregnancy symptoms??

My husband and I have been ttc for over a year now and it's starting to take a major toll on my emotions and mental state... we have not been actively trying to the point of scheduling times to be intimate but ive always (even before ttc) been very in sync with my cycle and feel ovulation so it's hard not to "try." However this month I made sure we were intimate all the days leading up to O, that day and days following... which is something we haven't really tried to do up to this point. I'm trying SO hard not to get my hopes up, I am now about 5 dpo and since about 1 dpo I've just been extremely irritable, emotional... like I feel like I could cry at any time for no reason, and now I am starting to get waves of severe nausea... no vomiting yet but I hate it so I've been doing everything I can, not to. I know lots of women get symptoms very early even before implantation, and I've always been very very in tune with my body... so my question for y'all is, for those who've been pregnant before and experienced early symptoms.. did you have any symptoms before implantation and if so what were they? I've also just been very fatigued and want to sleep a lot. My moods and emotions are all over the place.