12 dpo vvvvfl .. 13 dpo digital PREGNANT - symptoms I had


Good morning! I am excited to announce that I'm PREGNANT! You all know before my hubby šŸ˜‰ this is our 4th cycle trying. My husband had a sperm test done at the start of the cycle and my OB had me stop tracking my Bbt. Said it was stressing me out.

I just wanted to let you know about how I had NO symptoms.. or I did and I blew them off..

- lower backaches (I thought it was our bed... the box Spring broke one night šŸ™ˆ)

-gassy (I'm dairy intolerant and get it really bad before AF. Also on a new diet so thought it was due to all the veggies I'm eating)

-low firm cervix (always high even with AF)

-throughout the day my CM goes from dry to wet with creamy mix then at night it dries up again

- I felt the weirdest flutter in uterus on 8dpo but thought it was gas

-vivid dreams.. I dream and remember them a lot, but these were weird crazy, and VIVID. like I would tell people when I woke up about them because hey we're out here and detailed.

That's. It.


Test #1 5:15 pm wondolfo... I totally forgot to look at time, so it could have been 10-25 mins later.

Test #2 7:30pm Easy@home showed at 10 minute mark

Test #3 9:20 pm showed at 10 minute mark

** all 3 had pink lines better seen with eyes. The camera couldn't pick it up. **

Held my pee painfully all night, and got this on an expired EPT. I didn't know until I used it though. I just bought it a month ago too... so hopefully it's valid? I'll take another test in 4 hours with a FRER.

How I did it: prenatal, fish oil and Evening Primrose oil 3x a day. Preseed 1/2 times we BD in window. Checked cervix 2x a day and CM.

Started using Clearblue digital advanced around cd7 and easy@home sticks. At cd 10 Advanced had flashing smiley and OPK had positive. We BD a lot. Then we took a few days off because of work. For 7 days, I had a flashing face. I had all my ovulation symptoms by now, so thought I honestly ovulated already. On day 8 (cd15) I wasn't home much and busy so I forgot to test when I peed each time. On cd 16 I got a LH surge on both digital and stick. I had a MELTDOWN. I mean full on cryfest. That night my husband had brought work home for the first time this year. I gave him space, but then after 2 hours and about 10 pm I had another meltdown it wouldn't be our month. He put his work aside, and cuddled and watched tv. We BD that night just to cheer me up (no preseed), and it was the most pathetic thing lol. We did BD on cd 17 (with preseed) and then not again anytime soon. I did pineapple only 1dpo and 2dpo. I even accidentally took my evening primrose oil 1-2dpo. I thought I ruined it.

The thing that I'm disappointed about is on the fourth, I had a couple beers (first ones in MONTHS!). On 2 tracking apps, my period was still due to happen. My friends said, "what if you're pregnant!" I said "..psh! I have no symptoms. I can't put my life on hold for what if's"

Anyways, I wanted to tell you my experience. Thank you for reading! Baby dust to you all!