Husband and his dog!! 😠😒

I am so sick of my husband and his dog! His dog doesn't listen to me worth shit and ruins things and gets my dog in trouble because he is jealous and stuff like that, and its my husband's fault. My husband either let's the dog do what I just told him not to do or let's him get away with everything and doesn't try to train him properly, and I can't train him because he won't listen to me! This is how smart that damn dog is! The other night the dog decided he wanted to get me in trouble with my husband. He waited until my husband went to bed and then every time I got up and walked past him he would scream and yell like I had just shot him, when in fact I hadn't even looked at him or touched him or anything! My husband would come up thinking I had and get mad at me and then took the dog back to sleep on the bed till I came to bed. Which meant the dog (that I am allergic to) slept on my side of the bed till I came to sleep in his fur that's on my side so I itched all night and sneezed and couldn't breath. Yes, I know the dog is "just an innocent animal", but in reality he isn't. He's smart, devious, and a giant asshole! And my husband is a lazy Jack ass. They are both on my last freaking nerve!!! 😠