Natural cycles post clomid

So I took clomid back in may. Worked great. Ultrasound day 14 with 1 fat egg! Pos opk day15. I was on it for what she assumed was not ovulating or just ovulating late and really irregular post birth control pill. I got off it a year ago now! Even maybe pcos but my progesterone came back in normal range with a natural cycle so who the heck knows. We did clomid once and stopped bc my husband needs figured out bc now we have a Sperm issue. This is my question...can clomid help kick start your body to know what it needs to do? So far natural now I had a pos opk last cycle day 17 and period came cd30. This time positive opk day 12! This is very early for me and what normal girls experience lol so I'm praying to god it helped my body or maybe my body is finally understanding what to do a year off the pill?? Ideas? Experience? Thanks guys!