Visitors at the hospital once baby is born? Opinions please!:)

So a little background, my SO and I are expecting our first on December 11th, I myself have 3 younger siblings aging from 13-19 and I plan on them visiting of course along with my parents & inlaws. On the other hand, my SO has a sister that has 5 children ages 12, 8, 4, 2, & 1. I obviously want my sister in law coming to visit the baby because I love her & she is a great mom but do you think I should ask her to wait a few weeks to bring the kids? Especially since it will be December and so many colds could be going around at the local schools. I don't really have any other friends with kids so this would be the only area in which I would have to talk to somebody. I have a feeling she'll understand right away. Her kids are the sweetest and I'm sure they will understand if we explain that the baby is just very sensitive at first. And yes I do plan on asking my doctor alllll about this at my next appt in a couple weeks. Just would really love some opinions/sharing of some experiences you have had with this similar situation? Thank you so much!