Husbands dog vs. My dog!! 😂

We have an 11 year old mutt that I hate. He's just a grumpy old ass. Well when I got my Great Dane puppy he would bully her and attack her and stuff like that. Well, she is much, much larger than him now and he still bullies her and is mean to her. Well this morning we took them out to go potty and he was following her around not letting her go potty like he does to be mean to her and I stopped him and he went out to the far part of the yard to do his business. She did hers and I started playing with her. Well, he got upset and came to bully her again, but she was so excited and riled up that when he came over she went after him to play with him and he got scared and started to run away. Well, she thought he was playing and she ended up slamming into his butt and made him do a front flip over himself!!! 😂😂😂 Don't worry, he is fine I went and helped him, his pride is just shattered and I don't think he will be bullying her anymore!! 😂😂 Also, I literally peed my pants a little laughing at him. Lesson is, don't be a bully! It comes back to slam you in the ass! 😂