Max's Birth Story


Today is the actual due date, but he is 1 week 1 day old!

The last 3 weeks of pregnancy he was breech and big. So we went ahead and scheduled a Csection. On June 28, I was 38.6 weeks along, we went to the hospital for our delivery! Funny thing is, I was contracting and was going to have him that day anyways, his head was too big, for my anatomy, so would have had a Csection anyways.

They had to use a vacuum to get him out of my belly, he was pretty stuck I guess. During the surgery I was having a hard time with my low blood pressure, it was horrible! If anyone had this issue you would know what I mean. Struggling to breath... anyways he was 21 inches long and 8.4 pounds, at 38.6 weeks! Yikes! Crazy to think what he would be at 40?!

After he was born, I had a really hard time! I was given adrenaline to try to get my blood pressure up. I was too weak to even hold my baby😔 Luckily my husband was able to be with him, per my request as I struggled. I spent an extra 2 hours in recovery, once I went to our room where I could see Max, I spent the rest of the day throwing up, and passing out. The constant flow of visitors got to see me at my worst, but got to meet my Max. Later that evening I started to turn the corner and keep some saltines down. Now I can hold my baby, feed him, bond with him. I was in heaven, feeling like hell. They still couldn't figure out my blood pressure. 74/ 46

All of this affected my milk, which in turn affects my baby. He ended up losing a pound 😔, but I was working with everyone around me, pumping, spoon feeding, you name it, to get him fed. He is such a good baby! We stayed at hospital 4 days, until my milk came in, finally, and were sent him with a plan to feed every 2 hours. We had a dr appointment 2 day later, and he was gaining!!! I was so happy. Two days after that we had another appointment, and he doubled that gain! So happy to say, I am ok and so is my son!