Fetal Dopplers....yah or nah?

Crystal • 35, two MMC last year. Rainbow baby girl born June 29 '18 ❤

I had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks back in March. I didn't even know such a thing happened...I thought I would know if I was miscarrying by blood. Anyway it was devastating and I had to get a D&C.

I'm pregnant again, due March 2018. I'm terrified this is going to happen again. I've debated getting a doppler from fetaldoppler.net to monitor the heartbeat (I know it only works after at least 12 weeks) but am worried it will through me into a panic if I can't find it, call the alarm, go to Dr. and turns out everything is fine.

Thoughts? Anyone used one before? Love it, hate it, etc? What kind and from where?