Cheating While Pregnant


My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. I have two children from a previous marriage that adore him. I am also seven months pregnant with his first child. We recently bought a house together and planned on getting married in the fall. He's been wonderful and everything I ever wanted in a partner. I never thought I would love someone like I do him. Everything was perfect until two weeks ago.

I had never looked through his phone but recently he had been very protective of it which had gotten to be strange. So he was in the shower and I looked. It was horrific. He has been texting maybe five women that he met on a dating sight, there were so many nude pictures of the women and of him. He had even met up with a married ex and fooled around, they had plans to meet up again. I sent myself screenshots of everything.

This was two weeks ago and for the first week I was completely distraught. I couldn't eat, barely slept, and lost weight. For the sake of my baby I had to get better. We've talked for hours about why and what happened. I even spoke with the ex and scared her so I don't think she'll be a problem again but there can always be replacements.

Had I not been pregnant and us going on a family vacation to Disney World this week I would have left. He's sorry and never doing it again, which is what everyone says when they get caught. I don't know if he's really sorry or just sorry that he's bad at hiding things. I'm completely blindsided, my friend has been referring to him as Tiger Woods because it doesn't seem to be in his character to do such a thing but he did.

Only two close friends that I told know what happened. I didn't want to involve family because I don't want them to criticize my decision to stay. I'm financially stable on my own thankfully, so I'm grateful that that isn't a problem if it comes to one of us leaving the house.

How do people move on from this? I can barely stand for him to touch me because it makes me think of him with someone else. My confidence is zero. I'm reminded of it dozens of times a day. Vacation has been nice but when his phone makes a noise I think it's another woman. He's completely fine to act like nothing happened. I know he loves me but what do I do to deal with these emotions?