TMI CM TMI please help a sista out!


Ok ladies this is way more than I love sharing but I have had a huge increase in CM

This is my first cycle after taking Mirena out so I'm not entirely sure what is normal for me as far as CM goes nor do I understand the classifications. Can someone tell me what this would be classified as? I'm now 12DPO and getting all BFN tests but I just feel different. I'm not sure if this is just my hormones going back to "normal" or if I could be pregnant...which would be so awesome, TTC #1 with my wonderful husband. If am I getting BFN at 12DPO does that pretty much mean I can't be pregnant? What should I classify this CM as in my log? Is it normal to have a big increase like this before AF? (Yes hands were washed before and after and no I don't have itching or a different smell just didn't know how else to show you!) thanks in Advance ❤️❤️❤️