38 + 6 apt today ......

So I just got home from my doctors apt. I'm 38 weeks and 6 days so tomorrow I'm 39. Cervix check told I'm not dilated at all but doctor could feel baby's head. Doctor didn't talk about induction at all but told me to come in next Tuesday to check for dilation. 
I left discouraged because I really want to go into labor naturally as every mom does. The medical assistant told me they won't let me go over 40 weeks.. I'll go to 40 and they will do a sweep or induction -(this was good news at least) but........... at check out the receptionist told me a whole different thing. She said they will allow me to go 42 weeks before scheduling a induction. 
WTFF now I'm like so upset because who wants to go a full 42 lol my hand and feet are so swollen. 
Guess my doc will be the judge next Tuesday. 
Rant/story over... share your experiences please, I would love to hear everyone's.