Okay, so I'm TTC baby #2. Baby #1 took over a year to conceive. I want to be pregnant right now. Like now. I can't do anything but live, breathe, dream, cry, sob, scream, plea, beg, and pray for a BFP next time I take an HPT.

I have PCOS. So, everytime I take an OPK, I have a false positive because I always have elevated LH levels. Seriously, everyday there's a positive result. So I've come to realize this isn't reliable. I've been TTC for 3 months now (I know, not long). But it's consuming me. My periods vary greatly. I could have a 28 day cycle, a 41 day cycle, or a 62 day cycle. So, I don't know when to predict my ovulation. I've tried the whole CM thing and track it, but it still hasn't helped. I've talked about going on Clomid, but I'm iffy about it because of the increase in a multiple birth. My husband and I are both nurses so we know all of the tips, tricks, medications, and medical advice. I know I should stop stressing and pick something else to focus on. I know it'll happen when it's meant to. And I know not to get down about it. But it is so hard. I'm trying. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to NOT think about it. It seems impossible. I keep reading more and more, hoping I've missed something that'll help me conceive. My husband wants this JUST as bad as I, and he talks about it just as much as well. I just want this to happen. Can everyone send me some baby dust and well wishes? Please! I need this to happen!