Premature labor?

Hey mama's!! I am 22 weeks with #3! We just closed on our house on the 20, so we have been moving a ton! When we started moving I had very faint braxton hicks. Now the last 4 days they have got crazy! I never had them with 1 or2. They Stopped me in my tracks and my discharge has increased and thinned way out, thought I peeded my pants twice! But my labors both stopped when I would stop walking... I had to walk tell I pushed or contractions would stop!! So I don't fix the mold to "test" for pre term labor.... If you lay down and your contractions stop your OK... Not true in my case the last 2 times. Even walking within my house for a few mins triggers contractions... Real or BH? Do I call doc? How do I explain my past labors so they don't think I am crazy! Am I crazy?