Want to cut my hair

I have been using hair extensions for over a year now. After the last time my hair has thinned a lot. No bald spots just a lot of hair loss. It's dreadfully thin and I hate it. It dosent look healthy and I can't get it to look right. It's very depressing. Not to mention when I finally made the choice to remove the extensions I was proud of myself and was very confident on my choice. But my boyfriend hates it. To me I just want to go as short as I can maybe even Miley Cyrus short so It can thrive and grow healthy. If I didn't have a boyfriend it would already be done. I would rather my hair grow back in one piece then deal with this thin hair. But im scared of how my man will react... At the end of the day it's my choice but I just wish he would support me... The first pic is me and the second is what I want