Isit just me? 😩

Has anyone ever felt like they don't know what they want anymore??

7 years engaged for 10 month no kids

I don't know if I wanna be with him I do and I don't half me says obviously you do but the other part is telling me to go I am fed up we are from the U.K. And we travel to America next month for a holiday we are so excited he's always throwing the holiday in my face yes he paid it and I constantly paid the bills rent food shopping and treated him to new clothes trainers I bough the visa and the insurance but he don't understand that we pritty much paid each way

I feel like if it want for the holiday he wouldn't want me we have had 7 Miscarriages and going for our <a href="">ivf</a> next month what happens when a baby comes is he going to moan about paying for nappys and clothes

I would be speaking to him he give me one word answers when he's on his phone when I say could you put your phone down a little Wile Wilst we speak to each other he then calls me controlling

He's changed but he's a lovely man when he wants to be I love him to bits but what else can I do I try my best with him I really do

He don't know who's to express his feelings so that leaves me in a guessing game wondering do he really wanna be with me whys he's come home with a attitude

Is this just me or is someone else out there feeling the same yes I wanna be with him but no not the way he's being his dad is guarentour on the house that's all I clean cook pay the lot and he will threaten to throw me out in a argument

Think after 7 years he's done he's always competing with money I though love was priceless 🙈🙈