Rude people

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Today my husband, myself, and our kid were waiting in line at the store with our groceries. It was time for us to move up some but before we could even push the cart a white woman and her kids cut in front of us. Not only is she setting a bad example for her kids but she is setting a bad example for our kid as well. So's my husband goes to her and explains very nicely that she can't just cut us in line and that she has to wait just like everyone else. She looked at him and laughed right in his face and so did her oldest kid who probably is use to cutting in line. She was like : what's the big deal? I only have 2 things . You've got a whole cart full of things? You won't even be waiting that long. It won't kill you to wait 2 extra minutes.

My husband stood his ground with her and became firm but still polite. He told her she couldn't cut in front of us and then her punk teen son started mouthing off and telling my husband to go back to Mexico (my husband isn't even Mexican. He is Samoan and Puerto Rican he doesn't look Mexican at all). The boy started to try to mock Spanish speak to my husband so I tell our son to come on. I approach them and tell my husband to take our son to go and look at some toys or something.

The woman looks me up and down and then says: what do you want.

I lean in and tell her: if you dont get your racist ass from in front of our cart we will have a serious problem. I don't tolerate racist pieces of shit who are too damn privileged for their own good. You disrespected my husband, you've disrespected me, it's obvious you don't respect yourself or others at all.

She started calling me a halfsie... and then she got her kids and left. My husband eventually came back with our son and I was thinking to myself about how this isn't the first time something like this has happened. People are too racist and rude.