Husband has no sex drive

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So I have been married now for 1 month to my second husband (together for 2 years.) We have had our ups and down along the way but, the sex is either hot or cold. I try to ask questions regarding what turns him on or initiating more but, every time he has shut me down. (Tried going down in the shower, dressing up, etc.) I'm literally giving up now. Am I going crazy? What guy wouldn't want sex more. He doesn't value sex like I do but, doesn't mean he shouldn't enjoy it right? We want to conceive in the next year but, I find that hard when he literally only wants it MAYBE once a week. He isn't adventurous at all, he stepped in and became a dad to my daughter when my ex cheated and left. Everything is great on every other level but, the sex is so back and fourth. Initiating hasn't helped; could it because of having a rough past with his ex wife, being adopted, being a "man whore" in his late 20's? He's 34. Anytime I bring sex up, he gets defensive and it turns into a fight. Suggestions?!

P.S. (He is not cheating, porn occasionally when I'm not home.)