medium body types

I tried to post a body appreciation / body positivity post elsewhere, and was met with some backlash to the point I just deleted it and decided to come here. Some of the larger & proud crew told me to ~get the fuck out of the body positivity tag~ and some of the ultra fit gym goers told me I needed to lose weight if I ~wanted to show appreciation to myself~. People debate about my body all the time, and I admit it is starting to get to me. I do wanna be my "supposed to be" weight again. I don't look good heavier. Other people work it, but I don't. When my ex's current gf pressed fake charges on me, she put in the description that I weigh 180, and then continued to drive by my house screaming "I'll fuck you up you fat bitch". Never got to 180, even when I was pregnant with my ex. I usually weigh around 145, and now I'm down to 133-135 or so. I'm 5'3 & "top heavy". All of this makes clothes shopping a nightmare, too. Clothes are either baggy or too tight and revealing. My boobs are almost always out because I'd rather have that, than look like a shirt is trying to swallow me. Do any other mediums or smediums relate??? Do you think it's an overlooked market?? Do you think women's clothing market in general is just more fucked up with secret motives than we realize?? (Like the lack of PANTS WITH POCKETS, or functioning pockets like men's pants have! As well as realistic measurements).  And I'm not trying to be dismissive of what struggles other body types face, but I feel like the medium / short crowd has no where to go. 🤷🏼‍♀️