I pretend it's champagne!


I feel a bit like a when I was alittle kid at the kid's table for Thanksgiving, having sparkling cider in a champagne flute, thinking I was hot stuff! Lol

I'm 25 weeks, and it seems that I'm back to pretending that I'm having a grown-up drink. My boss brought me a bottle of Trader Joe's French Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade (sweet and yummy! ) and French Sparkling Limeade (tangy and delicious! ) thanks boss!

The other day I was outside painting in the sun, and all I wanted when I was done was a cold beer. Nope. Grabbed a kombucha from the fridge and pretended! Hehe

It's funny, I pretty much wasn't ALLOWED to have alcohol for a decade (very controlling ex), so I've spent the last four years sorta surprised when it didn't bother my current husband if I had wine with dinner! And now for the baby, I'm back to teetotalling, but I have a sense of humour about it.

After she's born, there's a Guinness and scoop of chocolate ice cream waiting for me though!

How about you ladies?

Any favourite mocktails?

Saving a celebratory bottle of something?