In + out of hospital

What's wrong with me? I've been to the doctor plenty of times for the past month and I still can't eat. I can't keep food down. I've been throwing up on and off for weeks now. They told me it was PID with unknown cause, gave me antibiotics then it was gone but I'm still getting sick when I eat. I go back to doctors; they tell me it's a cyst of my right ovary. Then go back like a week later with unbearable pain and they tell me it's an ulcer, they give me medicine and two weeks later now the pain and throwing up continues. The only tests they've done was an ultrasound, internal and external. I'm hungry all the time. Like starving and when I try to eat it hurts 😣 idk what to do I'm sick and tired of paying my hard earned monies to these bullshit hospitals (kaiser) that don't do shit to help their patience!