How long after a chemical pregnancy can you get a faint bfp?

Ashley • Mommy to a sweet little man!
I'm going in on Thursday to see what's up but I was just wondering if any of you ladies have had a similar experience and could share your opinions. I had pregnancy symptoms and very faint positives on numerous tests. Weird period came but I was still nauseated so I took another test - still a faint bfp. The weird bleeding went on for 5/6 days and stopped about 3 days ago and yet I am still having faint bfps. I figure this is a chemical pregnancy because no lines seem to be getting any darker and I would be around 5 weeks. I am still experiencing some crampy feelings, a backache, moments of nausea, and some tenderness in my breasts as well as a lot of thin white discharge. Any options would be greatly appreciated. ❤️