Everyday selfies vs breastfeeding selfies.


Hey everyone 😏

Another breastfeeding topic, I know.

I was scrolling through my Instagram tonight and saw a post of a woman complaining about another woman posting pictures of her nursing her child. The caption said something along the lines of, "this is too much, feed your kid and move on. I don't want to see it."

Now I had a couple of thoughts on this. A lot of people in the comments were saying that they were tried of women posting bf pictures because all they wanted was attention. Okay, we all post on social media for some kind of attention whether we realize it or not. You wouldn't post things if you didn't want people to like or comment on your post.

So what is the difference between posting an everyday selfie, ass pictures, pictures with your breasts out, topless men and breastfeeding pictures?

I swear I see nothing but half naked women on my explore page everyday and that's okay but sharing your bf experience isn't?

What are your thoughts on this?