Loss of pregnancy

Jacquline • I'm 29, married with a 2 year old baby girl. We recently conceived for the 2nd time and miscarried at 8-9 wks.
I started spotting last tues, one wk ago. Bleeding changed wed, became bright red, heavier, some clots. Went to the er.. They did a million things but totally played it Down. Stated I had a common hemorrhage, my cervix was closed and baby was seen with a hb. However it was very low at 79bpm. Said I was only 6 wks along, not 8-9 like we thought. Told me to keep my scheduled Monday ob appt. in the mean time the bleeding only worsened. No cramping,  no fever. Monday at my appt no cardiac activity was seen or heard. Dr stated the baby didn't seem to be growing at an appropriate rate, suggesting I was most likely further than 6 wks. Had my d&c this morning. I'm totally devastated. I have a beautiful two year old daughter but we were ready to bring another child into our lives. This child. I prayed every day for a healthy prenancy and gave God thanks for answering this prayer. I only hope we get blessed again soon. 😔