Thoughts on punk and heavy metal music?


Why do punk and heavy metal get such bad reputations? I'm assuming a lot of you out there don't listen to it/ believe it sends the wrong messages to your kids. But have you every listened to their lyrics? These bands speak of peace and point out the flaws in our world.

Please go watch an Anti-Flag music video and see their lyrics. The name may make you think they are against the USA but that couldn't be more wrong. They are a political punk band singing about how our government is so screwed up and the problems in the world. They're name symbolizes a country in distress.

If you can get passed the screaming, look at silent planet's lyrics. This is what the lead singer said he wanted you to walk away with after listening to his music.

I'm trying to spread the word that metal and punk aren't the "devil's music". I went to warped tour this weekend and while some people may dress a little "scary", they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I know not all of heavy metal has a good message but give them a chance. Honestly, in my opinion, the government should be replaced with punk and metal band members.

Sorry for the long post šŸ˜. Thanks for reading!

So what are your opinions on this music? Would you let your kids listen to it?