Could I be pregnant?


So I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on June 13th, then again on June 28th, and then on July 4th. On the Sunday before the 4th I had a UTI but it went away in about a day and a half. Before that I had been having to pee pretty much constantly so I blamed it on the UTI when that happened. But now I'm confused because I still feel like I have to pee every hour. I've also been having some cravings but nothing too crazy other than wanting ramen and gravy (it's good). I've been feeling a little off and on sick too. I took a pregnancy test about four-ish days ago and it came up negative. I'm waiting to take another because I don't want to set off any false alarms with my bf. We had a miscarriage almost a year ago and we both just want a baby.

Any insight on what could be happening?