Should I test?

Liana • Mumma of 3 beautiful babies

I got the nexaplanon removed May 24th and (lucky me) got my period the next day after a 64 day cycle. I know right.

So our First offical month TTC was June and I bled for 3 days around 2 weeks after my fertile week (according to glow).

This has NEVER happened to me, its always 5-8 days and the second and third day were light asf for me..AND it was early according to glow.. (TMI - normally a super heavy bleeder).

My period isnt due "again" until the 21st of July but going off a 25 day cycle I should get it on the 13th.

The past week ive been cramping like crazyyy literally waiting for my period to arrive and nothing yet..I do have a test, Just dont want to be disappointed haha..Should I wait it out for AF now that im not on the nexaplanon and my hormones aren't out wack?