Incompetent Cervix / Cerclage / Bedrest

Myra • MGAVINI Wife / Mama / Believer / Insta @themyragavini Diagnosed with IC in 2016 👼🏻 Haven in heaven + 👶🏻 Jet on earth

Hi everyone,

I am currently 20w6d pregnant and was diagnosed with IC last year in July. I experienced my first loss and gave birth to my eldest child last July at 26w1d due to undetected IC and a heart defect combination. I am pregnant for the second time around and got a preventative cerclage placed at 14w earlier this year and have been placed on modified bed rest since for the remainder of my pregnancy. The plan is remove the stitch at 37 weeks (first week of November).

Is anyone in a similar place?

Does anyone have any success stories to share?

Tips or advice while on bedrest?

I'd love/ appreciate any <3

Love + prayers to anyone in a similar position. You are not alone!

- Myra G.