Don't give up hope!!!


So last Sunday I was having mild cramps which I have been having since my first missed period so I thought it was normal.. I go to the restroom and there was sooo much blood I freaked out!!! I'm crying and praying that I wasn't having a miscarriage. I have been having problems with my progesterone levels being really low (it was at a 6)and inserting progesterone capsules vaginally every night to work on that. So I rush to the ER. I'm finally called back and they draw blood for test and give me my first ultrasound. The u/s tech says that the baby is still there where it should be! So everything's fine right? They take me back to the room and I'm excited for 30mins knowing my baby is fine...then the doctor comes in...he tells me "Well there isn't much solid info I can give u because we didn't find a heartbeat on the u/s. U are measuring at 6 weeks 1 day. (I was supposed to be 7 weeks 3 days) Right now there is no telling where the bleeding is coming from and I'm going to label u as a Threat for Miscarriage. So right now it's a coin toss and I'd say a 50/50 chance." I didn't know how to react...I just knew it couldn't be right...they didn't know what they were talking about!! So I call my OB the next day (Monday) and they couldn't fit me in until Thursday...with everything going on she gave me an emergency u/ soon as she finds the baby she says "Oh your fine!!" My eyes open so big!! She says "this baby looks awesome and look, there's the heartbeat!!" When I tell you I was soooo happy I couldn't do anything but thank God and cry!! Here I was thinking that it was possibly all over and my little munchkin is in there relaxing just fine!!! I tell this story because I'm a first time mom and everything has been so scary for me. Every pain I have I get scared something is wrong. But I just keep the faith that everything is ok and that my baby is healthy and God will get us through this! Don't lose faith ladies!!!