Advice please (don't ignore this please !)


Hey guys so I'm really knew at this and well I don't know what qualifies as a date or if it's truly just going out as friends ... So I've known his guy for about two years and I know that he's been on and off with his gf (this being the only gf he's had for a long time) anyways last time he spoke of her he told me that they had broken up (this being like two months ago). Starting this summer we went to the movies and it was really awkward for because it was the first time I was hanging out with him alone since he had moved schools and hadn't seen him in a while (I was really really nervous ) fast forwards to two days ago went to the movies and everything was going so good until we bumped into two of his friends and then my friend texts me asking me for a favor 😭. He asks me if I can pretend to be his cousin because he got back with his gf and she doesn't let him hang out with be but that I'm his friend and I mean a lot to him and the guy we bumbled into would tell her that he was with me . After that I completely changed moods idk why tbh I have feelings for him I'm not going to lie and I know that he's always referred to me as his friend but I can't help it, that completely destroyed me. The thing is that I have no right to tell him anything right? What do I do? I don't want to tell him that I have feelings for him because I don't want to lose him all together 😔 also the day before we went to the movies he sent me a picture of him shirtless (I want to make it clear hat I have never flirted with him or in any way been flirty with him )