TTC Advice


I am 22 have been on BC since I was 12 for medical reasons, I've now been off BC since January and it seems I have grown out of all the medical issues which is a plus; But I was hoping to conceive a lot faster than this. I know it takes people years and I'm not giving up yet but the BC company said it would take about 6 months for it to get out of my system so I want to set myself up for success and I'm looks for some advice and what else to do to conceive. I'm gonna make a list below of all the things we are currently doing and if anybody who has had success could share what they did that would be great.

BBT every morning, tracking on here as much as possible, having sex ever night during ovulation, every other night during normal cycle, I'm going to try to keep my diet and exercise better managed

But idk what else to do.

Please Help We Need To Have A Baby Before My Grandparents Get To Old I Need My Baby To Know And Remember Them