So I had been with my baby's father for over three years. He made me feel like shit of course. I couldn't take the emotional and mental abuse anymore. So I reconnected with a good friend from high school. Mind you I had the biggest crush on him!! 😍 So anyway... I asked my now ex if he would mind if I hung out with my friend.... he said sure you can. Not like a yeah whatever but a yeah I "trust" you type of thing. So my friend and I had some food and watched a movie. During the movie he sat by me and I had butterflies in my stomach like it was going out of style... lmao!! I hadn't felt that way since before I had my daughter(2.5). The thing that was so different about him was that he actually listened to me and cared about me as a person and most of all a woman. He said we don't have to do anything. I just stayed quiet because I didn't kno how to feel about the situation. After about 2 hours of contemplating, it finally happened!! OMG!! He blew my mind!!😂😂 But the thing about this whole thing was.... I told my daughters father that he was nothing but my roommate. He didn't believe me so I had to show him. He treated me like shit but I still wanted to stay for the sake of my baby girl. Not knowing that that was doing more harm than good. I kno I'm kind of all over the place with my story but that's how my situation was. My "good friend" and I have been messing around almost a year but actually together since December. My daughter loves him. He loves her as if she was his own. I couldn't have asked for anyone else that loves me for me and who also accepts my daughter. 😘😘 We have known each other for over 11 years.