What's happening?!


Been ttc for 3 months now!

A week before implant was removed, I had a period.

The week after I had a period too! That was May

I haven't had a period since, and I have always been regular.

I excitedly did a test, or two haha and both come back negative.

A week and half ago, I had a tiny bit of spotting (around the time I was due to come on for the 2nd time) but nothing. So I did another test, and negative again.

3 days ago I'm spotting again!! Only this time I have spots on my face, my boobs are killing me! My back has been awfully painful, I've had lower tummy pain, and feeling sick too!

I thought again, oooh period! But no!! Spotting for 2 days, now nothing again🙈

Has anyone else experienced this?