Ex thought haunts me !!!

Please don't judge me!! I'm happily married to a wonderful caring man for 2years . However ,our sex life is just Ok . Not even that great .my husband doesn't want to experiment . I have discussed  it with him a million times but no outcomes. Now I had this ex guy who was a jerk but I was with him for almost 10 long years and I had lost my virginity with him . I keep having his dreams . I stalk his pictures on facebook and stare at his sexy eyes and imagine myself having second with him all the time . I miss his presence and his Sex soooo badly !! I'm quite literally obsessed by him :/ Obviously I haven't discussed it with my hubby as he would be heartbroken. Ps:my husband is 2yrs younger than me and I always feel he is immature. The ex is also married now and also in a different country so there's no way I m gonna meet him or something. I just need to get him out of my head !!! Plz help !