Boyfriend Goes Crazy About Celebrity Crushes


I'm 16 years old and my boyfriend just turned 20 on the third. As a 16 year old girl I have tons of celebrity crushes I feel like that kinda comes with the territory. Anyway I was telling my boyfriend about a band that I love right and he freaked out. Saying that maybe if he was them I'd pay attention to him that they aren't even that cute maybe he should go fuck some celebrity and a bunch of other stuff. Basically I told him he was being a little crazy and that he didn't have to be mean like he was saying those things purposely to hurt me. He basically said he gets overprotective about stuff like that but I'm not understanding why? It's just a band sure I think they are cute but it's not a big deal right? I also had a guy friend who he was ok with and then one day he freaked and made me block him and he broke up with me. Then later he apologized and begged me to take him back when he was the one who broke up with me. Honestly I'm just confused and need answers is my boyfriend being crazy?