Can i get pregnant if he lost his erection on ovulation day?


So. I am 2 months TTC and basically this time I've been learning about my cycle, 1st General ovulation/fertility, 2nd how MY cycle is know that i don't have birth control regulating it. (It turns out it is much shorter than i thought)

So i believe i ovulated July 4th and i had sex that day, but he lost his erection.

9 years and never a problem, now im off b.c. and he lost it 3 times in a row!

Im wondering if he could've ejaculated some pre cum and get me pregnant or if its certain I'm waiting for my next cycle (which would still be at the end of this month).

I just learned that the egg dies after 24 hours, so our very successful awesome sex on the 8th and 9th wouldn't have mattered, when i actually thought i was fertile but wasn't.

Thanks for any insight. Im hoping to find out if anyone got pregnant even if he didn't finish. THANKS