Why am I so hungry at night?!?!

First off I'm definitely not pregnant, unless I'm the next Virgin Mary or something 😂

I eat until I'm full at every meal and snack throughout the day but the past couple days I've found I'm getting REALLY hungry (stomach pains and grumbling) at around 00:00-02:00 I'm staying up late because I'm doing a lot of work but I'm eating a lot more than usual too :/ all of my food is healthy so I'm not used to feeling hungry! I don't count calories I just eat as much as I need (I'm not slim but I'm not fat either, 5'10" and 163lbs US 8 or 177cm and 74kg UK 12) If anything I've been losing weight over the past couple months since starting at university.

I really don't know what to do because if I don't eat I wake up feeling sick, starving and in pain because of it but if I do eat (like now, it's 2am but I just had a whole avocado on some wholegrain toast and a protein bar) I end up staying up later because I have to wait long enough to be able to brush my teeth and I know you're not supposed to eat before sleeping but I'm sat here still feeling hungry 😥

Does this every happen to you? I'm due for my period in 11 days but the only time I get cravings is on my period or the week before and it's never like this.

I don't know what to do!