Proud and Happy

Lizbet • I’m 22 year old First time mom Cancer survivor Birthday November 7

I'm 20 year old, cancer survivor, in remission, I'm pregnant and I'm 18 weeks today with a healthy baby boy, low risk of everything. My family kept telling me I wouldn't have a baby because of my cancer, they always have to get something to get me down. My dad is always overprotective, like very . It's really annoying. Still haven't told him I'm pregnant. I just feel he just going to get mad at me for getting pregnant and he also hate my boyfriend. I don't know how to tell him, only cause he only destroys thing in the house when things don't goes his way, he will never hurt me but I don't know about my bf. I just want him to be happy but everything I do goes wrong. I talk about it and he gets mad. He thinks my boyfriend is going to leave me. He hasn't left, my boyfriend not a bad person, I just think my dad want me for himself, just cause all his other kids don't want to. So he tries to destroy mine and barely lets me go out . He always want to know where I'm going, I always have to get home at 7 like wtf. I feel like I don't have a life.