Gestational Diabetes

So i recently did my glucose screening test (1 hour), I was sooconfident that I would pass with flying colors! However, I failed miserably. :( Just got the call from docs office today saying that an appointment with a dietician would be set up soon. I was just so devastated! My levels were so high that they didnt need to do the 3 hour fasting glucose tolerance test.
​I have been depressed all day and cant stop thinking abt this. I HATEEE needles and obviously having to monitor the blood sugar levels I will have to prick my finger multiple times a day.
​Im really stressed about the baby and what this means in terms of delivery. For those who have gone through this, could you please offer some insight? 
​Does gestational diabetes always result in induction?
​Do the doctors let you go past 40 weeks in favor of spontaneous labor?
​What can i do to make sure my baby is healthy? 
​Im really worrried and dont want to have my baby early! My husband is not with me right now and we are planning on having him come a week before the due date. I really need him here for the birth. So sooo stressed and depressed :'(
​Any support or insight will be greatly appreciated.