Glow vs dr

My husband and I have been tycoon for a while, flow kept telling me I ovulate at a certain time.

My dr had me keep doing everything I was but added clomid and gave me a shot to use if I didn't ovulate. Well I finally got that stupid clear blue ovulation test smiley face one day before I was supposed to take the super expensive shot. Yaaaay right!?!? Well glow had my period slotted to start today (7-10-17) and the smiley face happened 7-8-17! Glow updated and told me to bd! But the doctor said wait a day. Waited a day in the 2ww, but now I'm doubting everything glow had been saying. I wanna know if other people stopped following the "algorithm" and had been successful with other help?

I did listen dr> glow! And we are hoping! This wait is killing me more than any others! And yes I realize I'm only 2 dpo, I know I must sound crazy! I'm just so tired, so very tired and want this to happen!