Did I just Wet the Bed?


Y'all... idk what this was. I hope it's not one of them " I didn't know I was pregnant" shits. Lol

I just woke up from a wet sensation... I'm thinking am I pissing myself? So I wake up fully and rush to the bathroom with liquid still dripping out of me... I thought it was my period.

One time I had a bad period where it gushed out of me for like ten minutes and when I got out of bed that day it all came out like a faucet and I rushed to the er... that's what I thought this was. Believe me, I use the bathroom faithfully right before I go to bed so no accidents happen.

But I came to the bathroom and it was clear. Didn't even smell like urine! I smelled my bed-nada. I smelled my shorts- nada! So wtf is it? My shorts are soaked and my bed has a big ass wet spot.

I'm not pregnant (atleast I don't think I am, and I'm on nexplanon).

I am a bit like wtf happened and a bit embarrassed because my bf saw this... but I am genuinely kinda freaked out or more like curious as to wtf came out of me...

Edit: I've wet my bed before and was able to stop urinating once I realized I was.. but this kept coming out of me.. even while I was walking to the bathroom!