Ready for a baby... maybe not


So... I don't really know how to explain this without sounding weird but here's my try...

My husband and I are living on a military base and I feel like every woman I see or meet is pregnant or just had a baby. We have discussed the entire topic of when we're ready to have a baby and decided we'll leave in God's hands. We're not actively trying but we wouldn't mind if it happened. Thinking about having a baby, a family with the man I love makes me really happy and thankful for what we have. But then again I feel like we're too young (he's 21 and I'm 23). I always thought I'd be ready when I'm 25 to have children. But he's in the army and we're PSCing in June 2016... I'm terrified to fall pregnant in a different country without having my mom around. Or be pregnant while we're moving to a different country.. we're in Germany right now and he wants to go to either Hawaii or Italy.

So I honestly don't know what to do. I feel like there's no "good" time for having a baby.